What Technology Has Been a Game-Changer for Business Operations?

What Technology Has Been a Game-Changer for Business Operations?

We've gathered insights from founders and tech-savvy professionals on the transformative pieces of technology that have revolutionized their business operations. From the impact of AI-generated art to the efficiency of contract automation, explore the five game-changing tools these experts have integrated into their workflows.

  • AI-Generated Art Boosts Sales
  • Jira Streamlines Project Management
  • Asana Centralizes Task Management
  • AI Tools Enhance Content Creation
  • Contract Automation Enhances Client Services

AI-Generated Art Boosts Sales

Midjourney, the AI image generator, has allowed our business to create highly effective pitch decks complete with high-quality concept art produced by the platform. This has increased our close rate on leads and allowed us to pursue more imaginative and creative ideas. One such project that was won with the help of AI-generated concept art proved to be our most lucrative project to date, thereby helping to elevate our business to the next level and pitch for similar work.

Ryan Stone
Ryan StoneFounder & Creative Director, Lambda Films London

Jira Streamlines Project Management

One game-changing technology for our business operations has been project management software—Jira. By implementing this tool, we have been able to streamline communication, track progress, and stay organized with our projects. It has helped us increase efficiency, improve collaboration among team members, and meet deadlines more effectively. This technology has truly revolutionized the way we manage our projects and has been instrumental in our success as a software development company.

Alex Stasiak
Alex StasiakCEO & Founder, Startup House

Asana Centralizes Task Management

Asana is a technology I've used for several years to keep my business on track. It allows businesses to centralize all tasks and projects in one place, making it easier to track progress, deadlines, and responsibilities. This reduces the chances of tasks slipping through the cracks and helps keep everyone on the same page.

I started by implementing it just for myself. Once I realized its power, I slowly onboarded other team members.

Kelli Anderson
Kelli AndersonCareer Coach, Texas General Insurance

AI Tools Enhance Content Creation

As a blogger, a game-changing piece of technology for my business operations has been the use of AI writing tools. These tools have changed the way I approach content creation.

I use AI to brainstorm content ideas based on trending topics, search queries, and audience interests. AI assists me in drafting articles by providing suggestions for structure, key points, and even paragraph completions. AI tools help refine articles by suggesting language improvements, checking grammar, and ensuring that the content is engaging and easy to read.

Chris Geldof
Chris GeldofBlogger, Chris Geldof

Contract Automation Enhances Client Services

Contract automation tools, particularly ones that offer Microsoft Word integrations, such as Spellbook and Termlynx, allow me to create and amend contracts quickly, easily, and accurately. This enables me to offer proficient and productive services to clients that save them time and money. I would say that is beneficial to everyone!

Harrison Jordan
Harrison JordanFounder and Managing Lawyer, Substance Law

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